Add advanced video and collaboration to your platform in hours, not weeks

Simple API to generate collaborative meeting rooms with E2E stream encryption. 
Comprehensive documentation
Customize the meeting rooms to your needs
Supportive team with technical background

Pricing that matches your use case

Marketplace with many users and few sessions per user? Choose for hourly-based pricing.
App with per - user pricing? Charge a premium for adding video meeting capabilities
Per started session hour
Per user per month with minimum commitment

Designed for quick implementation in your workflow


Deep integration

Connect video meetings in existing workflows, get meeting statistics, feedback and connect to meeting material via API.


Set up in minutes with integrated SSL provisioning. Apply your branding and logo's for full whitelabel.

Granular controls

Integrate the features that are key to your platform and disable access to irrelevant features

Secure by default

With E2E encrypted streams and GDPR & HIPAA compliancy, Vectera is suited for all sensitive meetings and collaboration use cases. 

The platform uses reliable cloud scaling and redundancy allowing you to scale securely without DevOps headaches. 
HelloProf uses Vectera API for years

“Hands down best performance in marginal conditions due to smart use of content instead of screensharing”

‍VP Information Systems - Premium Retail

“We were amazed by the ease of implementation and quality of connection”

Joe Brown
CEO DearDoc

“We seriously underestimated building something on top of Twilio. Glad we moved and released on time”

Frédérique DB
CTO HelloProf

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