What is Vectera?

Vectera is the top rated platform for customer meetings. It enables you and your team to have more consistent conversations with customers and spend 75% of your time on the customer and 25% on administration. Not vice versa. 
Vectera is connecting people in 100+ countries daily
Thousands of big and small teams are using Vectera for their meetings
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We're ranked as 2022 leading meeting solution by Getapp
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Our Story

Early 2015, Skype was the go-to platform for videomeetings. Remember looking up someone’s Skype username and hoping to match with the right John_Doe_33? The alternatives weren’t really appealing either. Flash-based platforms stuffed your screen full of warnings, issues and errors.

It was such a pain getting in touch with our prospects and customers over video. You virtually had no chance winning a deal without wasting endless time in traffic. 75% of the time was wasted on planning, travelling, parking, administration and hardly 25% is spent on the customer. 

“There has to be a better way”. 

It would be so much better if you could connect and collaborate with a simple link without friction. With WebRTC peaking up on the horizon, rusty Internet Explorer removed from the enterprise requirements, we started building. 

Creating a service that works flawless on any device in the most marginal conditions wasn’t an easy feat. But it worked. Finally killed the errors. But… 

“Why should I buy your software if I can use Skype for free?”


“Would you go mountain-biking with your commuter bike?”

We relentlessly worked on the entire customer meeting journey. From planning, preparation and actual meeting till admin and analytics, we made the customer meeting journey so lean it saved a full day a month on planning, preparation and admin time. 

Over the years, Vectera evolved from a meeting tool to a customer engagement platform with more advanced capabilities for increasing the consistency and compliancy in customer conversations. 

We truly care about helping our customers create meaningful connection and do what they love: talk and engage, sell and discuss, shape solutions and fix problems.

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Team Vectera


Are you a developer? Or a marketeer? Or rather a combination of both? We enable you to grow both vertically and horizontally in your career. 

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The office is located in the heart of Ghent, in a renovated 18th century building. It's a great place to be if you are not working from home.

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Dieter Dehaemers

Co-Founder & CEO

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