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Powerful scheduling & branded videomeetings enable customer facing teams to boost customer satisfaction and increase productivity.
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The integrated customer meeting platform

For you, your team and your organization


Advanced group scheduling with powerful team management capabilities  increase bookings and reduces back and forth mailing.
Powerful scheduling capabilities for customer facing teams

Connect your calendar

1-click connect with Office 365, Google Calendar, iCloud, Exchange.

Set availability

Define your bookable hours, buffer time and public availability.

Get booked

Share your booking link or embed on your website.


Provide a flawless customer experience with branded meetings on your domain. Use meeting room templates to structure the conversation. 
Enjoy all essential video meeting features such as chat, screen share and recording from any device.

Stream in HD

Have quality meetings in a click, anytime, anywhere!

Be protected

Enterprise-grade security encrypts all your conversations.

Meet anywhere

Meet on your favorite devices and take your conversation on the go.


Make meetings truly interactive and engaging with powerful whiteboarding, co-browsing and document annotation. All content is saved or offloaded to your CRM or DMS. 
Brainstorming, presenting, browsing or reviewing projects together was never easier and more efficient.

Use whiteboards

Draw and show ideas on whiteboards as if you were in the same room.


Work together in a shared browser screen without app-installs.

Save conversations

Continue follow-up meetings where you left with saved notes, docs and chats.


Get live insights on all meeting meta data such as no-shows, engagement scores, customer feedback, number of sessions. 
Hold online meetings with customers on your website in branded meeting rooms as if they would be in your office.


Use a simple embed to add meeting insights in minutes

Rest API

Use the rest API to get live meeting data

JSON feed for BI

Works with all major BI tooling

Highly rated for user friendliness, value and innovation.

Plug and play for your organization

Better workflows, more consistency and reduced overhead for your organization.


Integrates with CRM, DMS, analytics, payment gateways, BI tooling and more. Makes your workflow better in minutes.


Automate meeting room and user management at scale for your organization.

For teams

Deliver a consistent message across all your customer meetings with templates and advanced team management. 

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