Better meetings with affordable pricing
For occasional 1-1 creative meetings
For frequent collaborative meetings

Per month / per meeting host
Get in touch
For integrating in your app/platform
Full feature overview
One-click online meeting rooms
End - 2 - End Encrypted streams (E2EE)
Custom logo & waiting room
Full whitelabel
Meeting participants
Group meetings*
Group meetings*
Private notes
Presenter mode
Integrated meeting scheduling basic
Calendar integration
(Google apps, O365)
API access / SSO
Priority + technical
Vectera works with secure peer to peer connections that are End - to - End Encrypted. This means that no eavesdropping can occur on your audio, video & screen sharing.
We recommend a max meeting size of 4 participants but depending on the hardware of the meeting participants you can ramp it up to 8. We are working hard on scaling up the meeting room capacity to meet 25 people in a secure and reliable way. Release date will soon be communicated.

Create appointment types for various topics, diversify your availability depending on the type of conversation.
Get paid when customers schedule appointments. Uses best available end-user payment experience. Connects with all major Credit & Debit card providers.
Multiple appointment types
Group scheduling
Collect payments
All calendar integrations
Connect O365, G Suite, MS Exchange and iCloud.
CRM integration
Customer details from new appointments land in your CRM. Update deal stages and more workflow automation possible.
Custom mail templates
Customize the communication for each sequence in your workflow.
Scheduling Pro
Meetings for you and your team planned on autopilot
Get bookings for your team - customers can choose team members or pool all calendars together to show all possible timeslots from the team.
$5 / month / host
Set up a custom domain for all your meetings and host meetings on
Set up a custom domain
Remove 'Powered by Vectera'
Remove all Vectera branding
Customize the full experience
$5 / month / host
PHI related data is not stored and meeting rooms are cleaned after each conversation. Recordings are disabled by default.
Tailored for healthcare
Signed BAA
Business Associate Agreement is signed for practices requiring HIPAA compliant vendors.
Improve your telehealth consultations
What happens if I have too many people in my team when the trial ends?
When the trial ends, team members will be deactivated if there is no subscription active. A "last in, first out" principle is used. You can always re-activate people.
What happens with my meeting rooms and data if I don't go for the Pro plan?
Existing data will not be lost, but you won't be able to create new whiteboards / appointment types or other data if the limits of the free plan are reached. You can go for the pro plan later, but you won't benefit from the temporary 20% discount after June 1st.
Can I manage multiple free accounts in my free plan?
No, managing team members, aligning brand appearance etc is part of the Pro plan.