Intuitive and reliable videomeeting platform

Join meetings without downloads or apps on any device.

Simple and intuitive to use

Choose room name

Create a meeting room for you, your client or your projects.

Join with a click

Share your unique affiliate link with your network.

Re-use the link

Get 30% of the value of the accounts you refer - each month.

Browser based - no downloads

Join meetings from any device without app installs or downloads.
1-click join via all major browsers

Be in control

Control access to the meeting rooms with waiting rooms for easy participant management.

Set your background

Let guests focus on you by blurring your background ar adding an image as virtual background.

Secure by default

With end-to-end (E2E) encrypted streams and GDPR & HIPAA compliancy, Vectera is suited for all sensitive meetings and collaboration use cases. Vectera does not decrypt audio and video streams.

E2E stream encryption