Customer success

Level up your customer success calls

Orchestrate the perfect customer success meetings with powerful presentation and collaboration capabilities. Guide clients through their onboarding with the perfect tools.


Bookings on autopilot

  • Let customers book a moment to meet that is convenient for both.
  • Integrates with Gsuite, O365, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud.
  • Easy to embed on your landing pages.

Automate time-consuming preparation with the right content

  • Pre-fill meeting rooms automatically with the latest documentation and tutorials. 
  • Drive consistency across the team with checklists and pre-filled private notes.
  • Add public and private notes automatically to each meeting to meet compliancy checks. 
Xerius uses Vectera to streamline client intake processes

Unparalleled meeting and collaboration experience

  • True 1-click join experience, no downloads, no accounts. Works browser-based on any mobile device.
  • Create a meeting room for each new client and keep communication in dedicated meeting rooms. No need to scroll through old emails and documents during the conversation. 
  • Switch from presentation mode to collaboration mode to make customer meetings interactive and engaging. 

Save at least 2 hours per client on administration

  • All meeting notes, document annotations, drawings and recordings persist in the meeting rooms, ready for the next call.
  • Export annotated files, documents and notes in 1 click to mail. 
  • Sync private notes, contact details and meeting room activity automatically to your CRM.

Unseen conversation insights

  • With traditional screensharing, you have no idea or control on what is shared during a customer conversation. With content sharing and templates - you know exactly what is being shared.
  •  View conversation meta data such as total session hours per team member in your BI tooling using API or view them in your ready-made dashboard.
  • Combine feedback points with meeting meta data to complement your client profiling or internal performance analysis.

Become more consistent and compliant

Deep customization

Customize the virtual appearance of your customer success team to match your branding with custom colors and advanced styling options.


Pre-fill meeting rooms with content, checklists and speaker notes. Make sure all topics are discussed, each question is asked and improve the quality of your meetings. 

Conversation insights

How many meetings are held across the team? What is the total meeting time spent on a customer?
What is the feedback of customers? Get answers with embeddable reports.
Connects with all major BI systems:

Level up your customer success meetings

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