How Vectera is secure by design

General security

Vectera handles your data in a safe and secure way. Vectera is committed to deliver a reliable and safe environment for videoconferencing services. A virtualised infrastructure was created that scales together with the usage of the web app.

This infrastructure guarantees a reliable service with 99,9% uptime. Enterprise plans have an optional SLA with guaranteed mean time to respond, mean time to recovery, mean time to resolve. 

Data security

  • Live streaming

Vectera facilitates a secure handshake to connect all parties in the meeting room. All audio and video livestreams between the parties are delivered peer-to-peer by means of WebRTC. As the leading web communication technology WebRTC streams are DTLS end to end encrypted. No audio and video data are sent or stored on the Vectera servers. If peer-to-peer fails due to restrictive firewalls, the TURN servers kick in. The underlying streams stay end-to-end encrypted while they pass through the TURN servers to reach the final receiver.

  • Content

Meeting room participants can insert, add or upload content in meeting rooms. Content provided on the platform is not encrypted and can be removed at any time by the meeting host.

GDPR compliance

All data you provide to the platform is handled GDPR compliant. All data uploaded on the platform can be modified or removed at any time. See our privacy policy for more information.

You can download our DPA here. Please send it over to after you've signed the document. You'll receive a signed copy.

Physical infrastructure

All uploaded data is stored redundantly and automatically backed up. The application and database infrastructure are hosted on Google Cloud in the EU (St. Ghislain, Belgium) in accordance with the EU data protection regulation.

Google Cloud is one of the leading cloud infrastructure providers with 24/7 physical site surveillance. Read here how Google Cloud is ISO 27001 certified.