Release notes

Vectera has a very strong focus on R&D. Big and small improvements are released on a regular basis. A chronological list of new features and improvements can be found here. Infrastructure updates and bug fixes take a considerable amount of time but these are only mentioned if you will notice them.

Big updates are covered on the blog. Questions or suggestions? We really listen to your feedback on chat or

03 July 2024

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Support Desk : a new way to contact us via chat, ticket or mail.

During working hours (9am - 5pm Brussels time) you can contact us via chat with your questions or after hours you can send a ticket. We’ve removed the help widget, but you can contact us by clicking on:

  • Chat with us in the sidebar
  • Contact us on the Help page in the dashboard
  • Contact us on the footer in the dashboard

We’ve also switched to a new Help Center where you can find all the help articles to guide you in using Vectera. The new Help Center looks almost exactly like the previous one to keep it easy for you. You can still find it on

If you find a mistake or anything that is not working in the Support Desk or Help Center, please let us know.

04 June 2024

After a few weeks of development and a Beta period of 6 weeks we’re happy to announce that the AdminPulse integration is now available for everyone!

The AdminPulse integration allows Vectera clients to link a relation to a Vectera meeting room. When they have a meeting with the relation they can:

  • send meeting data to AdminPulse and automatically create a billing price for the meeting,
  • send meeting notes during or after the meeting to AdminPulse so the notes can easily be found there,
  • reuse the meeting room with the relation.

Find out more about the integration in this help article.

Other than that we fixed a bug that some users had while joining a meeting room with audio and video, we’ve improved the cobrowse functionality and fixed some smaller bugs.

29 February 2024

Hubspot integration for meeting rooms
The new integration allows you to sync information between Vectera and Hubspot in two directions:

  • You can look up Hubspot contact info straight from your meeting room
  • and you can push private notes and meeting room data to the right Hubspot contact.

Read more about it in this help article.

21 January 2024

You can now configure additional invitees to be invited (max. 6) to an online meeting in your meeting types. The client then has the possibility to invite some additional invitees when booking the meeting. Read more about it in this help article.

07 January 2024

A new year, a new contact form improvement!

You can now add a link or a downloadable file to the success page of your contact forms, meaning that when an end user fills in the contact form they can download that file. This is a great way to generate leads!

Read more about it in this help article.

13 December 2023

We’re back with some contact form and widget improvements 🎉

Contact forms

  • You can now add a language question. The answer will be autofilled for the end user based on the browser language, but they can edit it via a dropdown. 
  • When you've activated the legal checkbox in a contact form you can change the color of the privacy and terms link to make it more readable.

Contact widget

  • When the linked contact type of a contact widget (booking page, contact form or waiting room) becomes inactive, a warning message will be shown on the Contact widget overview page. 

Other than that we've fixed some bugs and did some preparations for upcoming work

14 November 2023

The Vectera team has some nice contact form improvements that we want to share with you

We’ve added some powerful extensions to the contact forms for Pro/Business users:

  • Select which team member should be notified via mail after a lead/client fills in the contact form.
  • Redirect the lead/client to a specific URL when they’ve filled in the contact form. 

And added some nice updates that are Contact forms related:

  • We’ve made sure that the end user will receive the contact form confirmation mail in the language of their browser (for NL, FR, DE, ES, IT & LT).
  • And translated the countries for Address questions (for NL, FR, DE, ES, IT & LT). 
  • When a form owner has new responses in the last week, they will see an icon which shows that there are new responses on the overview page

We’ve also added 2 new question types

  • Integer questions: Let guests answer with a positive or negative integer. 
  • Dropdown questions: List multiple options from which one can be selected in a dropdown.

Other than that we added a search bar and pagination to the meeting types page and did some bug fixes.

11 October 2023

You can now customize your form and success page with:

  • custom texts,
  • fonts, 
  • title and text sizes, 
  • colors for the page and form background, texts and send button.

All of the updates are immediately available in a preview. Learn more about contact form customization in this help article.

When a new contact form is created we will now give you the option to go to the share options or the contact forms overview (similar to finishing a meeting type).

Embedded contact forms won’t show your custom/Vectera logo anymore but are replaced with a badge at the bottom of the contact form.

19 September 2023

New feature alert! We’re proud to present Contact forms as a brand new feature.

We’ve finished the Dashboard redesign. The dashboard is now cleaner and has a more open look & feel, users can:

  • Copy a personal/team booking link
  • Start a meeting from an existing meeting room or create a new one
  • Accept/deny meeting and waiting room knockers
  • See the first 5 upcoming appointments

Waiting room changes

Other than that we’ve removed the Test audio/video pages, made the Save button more visible on several pages and did some bug fixes.

21 August 2023

The past few weeks the Vectera team has been working hard on a new feature which will be launched soon. Here are some other smaller improvements that we’ve recently launched.

Meeting types:

  • We’ve introduced a share modal for Meeting types. This allows users to easily share booking pages via:
  1. Copy link, 
  2. an embed option,
  3. a QR code (copy, embed & download)
  4. Or via a contact widget.

    Read more about it in this help article!

  • You can now copy the full embedding HTML code to embed a booking page in your website. There’s no need to create the code manually anymore. Read more about embedding in this help article
  • When you edit the name of a meeting type, you will be warned that this will change your booking links.
  • You’re now able to add Checkbox questions to your meeting types. Learn more about question types in this help article.

Other updates:

  • The login password has been restricted until a maximum of 100 characters. If your password is longer than 100 characters, you will have to reset it.
  • For new users a meeting room will be created by default. It will have the name ‘firstname-lastname-room’.

30 May 2023

When adding custom questions to your meeting type you can now add new question types:

  • Single and multi line answers
  • Single selection, multi selection & Yes/No answers
  • Other email addresses & website URL
  • Upload files
  • Date & number
  • VAT & KvK number

Read more about it in this help article!

15 May 2023

We’ve reordered scheduling and meeting rooms in the dashboard so scheduling becomes the first feature in the menu and we’ve renamed appointment to meeting:

  • Everywhere in the platform we’ve changed appointment to meeting and the Meetings page to Meeting rooms. eg. Appointment type = meeting type. 
  • We’ve created a second version of the API (see the API reference) so endpoints and parameters show meeting instead of appointment. The first version still exists and works for API clients.

In a meeting type we’ve upgraded the Ask questions part with new question types and a preview. Read more about it in this help article.

24 April 2023

Big update today!

Appointment types revamp: We’ve redesigned the way to create and edit appointment types in Scheduling. Although functionality remains mostly the same, it’s way easier and clearer to go through the steps to create the perfect appointment type.

New in appointment types:

  • Switch between personal and team appointment type in the first step of the configuration
  • Next to the calendar view, we’ve added an Hourly view in availability
  • When the appointment type details and availability is ready, you can see a summary of the basics
  • Add powerful extensions to upgrade your appointment type

Read more about how to create new appointment types in these help articles: Personal appointment type or team appointment type.

30 March 2023

We're announcing a brand new feature today!

If you want to add your booking page on your website behind a customized button and let it open in the same or another tab, the Contact widget is all you need. Go to Contact widgets, create your button and copy/paste the code in your website, that's it! Learn more about it in this help article.

09 February 2023

We’ve just launched some new very exciting updates!

  • It’s possible now to enable microphone noise reduction in the meeting room settings. This will remove all background noise from your microphone for your guests, except for voices. Read more about it in this help article.
  • We’ve split up the Branding & team settings page into 2 pages: Team settings and Customization. This will make it easier for users to find and edit the right settings.

27 January 2023

New Year, new Vectera updates!

  • To reduce CPU usage during online meetings we’ve updated some technicalities. This allows older/weaker computers to have smoother meetings. We’ll beta test this with a few clients to see if there’s a noticeable impact. If you would like to participate in the beta test, contact
  • We’ve added 2 new endpoints to our public API: appointmentType and appointmentTypeConfigs. API users are now able to search and update appointment type data via the API.
  • We’ve fixed a problem with redirects after booking an appointment on embedded booking pages. An extra line of code needs to be added in the iFrame, more info in this help article. Unfortunately, redirects on Wix websites will remain blocked as they don’t allow it.

22 December 2022

The last update of this year. As we’ve been focussing on the first steps of bigger projects, the updates now are limited to small visual updates.

  • In Settings, we’ve renamed the submenu ‘Team settings’ to ‘Branding & Team’ to improve the usability and put more focus on branding options.
  • In several places where you connect with SSO providers we’ve replaced the Vectera branding with the Teamleader branding. This is the case when you do a SSO login or signup in Vectera, connect the Google/Microsoft/iCloud/Exchange calendar and when uploading a file via Google Drive in the meeting room.
  • The Chrome extension is renamed from Vectera Helper to Customer meetings.

08 December 2022

Next to updating the Vectera platform, we've been integrating Vectera into the Teamleader platform the last few months. Now we’re back with a big update!

  • The appointment types page has been revamped. The layout of the page has changed completely to make it easier and clearer for users to create, edit and remove appointment types. 
  • You can now create an appointment type without a description, this field is now optional.
  • Users on the Free plan have only one active meeting room. On the meeting room greet screen of a deactivated room hosts will now have the option to either join the deactivated meeting room or go to the active meeting room. Guests will automatically be redirected to the active meeting room.

03 October 2022

  • Clear meeting room data: During and after every meeting you will now be asked if you wish to delete or keep the meeting room content (whiteboards, uploaded files and chat history). If you don’t want to see the banner and pop-up, you can ask to not show it again. Read more about it in this help article.
  • The sidebar menu in the dashboard has got a visual upgrade and new icons.

16 September 2022

When adding new users to your team they’ll be able to set up their account easier than ever thanks to our newest features.

  • General onboarding flow: the first time a new team member visits the dashboard, they will get a tour around the meeting and booking features.
  • Scheduling onboarding flow: when going to Scheduling they will get a pop-up where they will be able to set up their scheduling step by step.

25 August 2022

  • Improved Help Center: We have redesigned the layout of the Help Center. Check it out at!
  • New chat and ticketing system: We’ve also updated the chat, so you can still easily contact us when having questions. Users on the free plan can now contact us from the dashboard via a ticket.

22 August 2022

  • Dashboard translations: The dashboard is now available in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and German. Switch to your preferred language via your profile.
  • Custom brand color: You can now easily set up the color of your choice for your meeting room and booking page buttons in the team settings.
  • API update - calendar settings: You can now find information about your calendar settings via the API. Check how in our API reference.
  • Free plan update: Free users can use 1 meeting room for a 1-on-1 meeting. The other meeting rooms will be locked for guests. 

07 July 2022

  • Pro plan update: Pro plan can now activate the team waiting room, set up custom text strings and a custom meeting redirect in the team settings. They can also connect with Teamleader and Stripe on the integrations page.
  • Free plan update: Vectera users on the Free plan can now connect their iCloud and Exchange calendars in the scheduling settings, use presenter mode and unlimited whiteboards in their meeting room and connect with Teamleader on the integrations page
  • Hello Customer integration: Only meeting feedback of guests after a meeting will be sent to the Hello Customer platform.
  • API update: New endpoint for POST requests of meeting permissions.

14 June 2022

  • Add images to active whiteboards: It’s now possible to upload images into active whiteboards in your meeting rooms. Learn more about the feature in this help article!
  • Teamleader integration update: The meeting host will now be the only team attendee added to the appointment in Teamleader Focus.
  • Free plan update: It’s now possible to add multiple team members in a free team. Each host can create a maximum of 1 meeting room and the Vectera logo will be shown in camera streams.

24 May 2022

  • Scheduling revamp part 1: We’ve created a more intuitive scheduling workflow by bringing some configuration parameters to team level, the overall overview and control is improved for team appointment types.
  • Recordings: When a meeting host starts recording the meeting, a message will be shown to all other participants that the meeting is being recorded.
  • Upload files update: It’s now possible to upload a ‘shared with me’ file from Google Drive, not only the files from your own drive. 
  • Teamleader integration: The Teamleader integration has had some small visual updates to integrate even easier by making the steps more clear. 

27 April 2022

  • Bulk update appointment types: You can now update multiple appointment types at the same time by using Bulk update settings. Read more about it in this help article.
  • Geo-picker for on-site appointments: A geo-picker feature is now available to guide customers who want to meet your team on location. Contact for more information.
  • Set up unavailabilities: Add unavailable dates and periods per appointment type so customers can’t book a meeting with you on those dates.
  • Pricing update: Pricing has been updated. For existing customers plans and prices will remain the same. 
  • A copy booking link button has been added to the dashboard, so you can now choose to either copy the booking link or visit the booking page.

05 April 2022

  • Participant management: Meeting hosts can now mute and kick-out guests of a meeting room. Participants are also able to use the raise hand feature to attract attention without interrupting the meeting.
  • Meeting templates: You can now set up the video quality setting in your meeting templates.

21 March 2022

  • Individual video quality: The meeting host now decides on the video quality in the meeting room: standard or HD. This setting will then apply to all participants. However, participants with a weaker connection are able to disable incoming video streams in the meeting room settings.
  • Teamleader integration update: When the checkbox "Create a calendar event through Teamleader" is enabled, a calendar event is created in Teamleader and written through to the online calendar that is configured in Teamleader.
  • New Integration: Integrate Vectera with Pipedrive to send data from booked appointments as leads/contacts to your CRM.
  • Share screen update: You can now share your full screen with audio when using Google Chrome on a device with Windows as operating system.
  • We’ve added a Help page in the dashboard which links you to our Help Center, Blog, Release notes, …

28 February 2022

  • Public API: We've completely overhauled our API, and created detailed documentation. Reach out to to request an API key and get started yourself.
  • Sync calendar events in Outlook/Office 365: Improved deletion when cancelling appointments in Vectera.
  • Fixed an XSS vulnerability caused by Angular.js interpolating server-rendered user input. Reported by Mohamed Slamat.

15 February 2022

  • Meeting Feedback: Meeting participants are now able to give feedback at the end of a meeting if a redirect with a short delay is set up. Learn more about meeting feedback in this help article.
  • New integration: Integrate your Hello Customer account with Vectera and send meeting feedback to your Hello Customer dashboard.
  • Team members: Team admins are now able to delete other team members on the team members page. Deleting a team member will remove them from the team, delete the user profile and also delete all the data from that specific user.
  • Video on mobile: You can now easily switch from one camera to another on mobile by double clicking the video tile. Find out how in this help article.
  • Meeting rooms are now also available in Lithuanian. Learn more about meeting room languages in this help article.

25 January 2022

The first Vectera update of the new year and it’s a big one.

  • Meeting room languages: Meeting rooms are now available in French, Spanish, Italian and German. Learn more about meeting room languages in this help article.
  • CRM integrations: You can now integrate Vectera with Hubspot, Salesforce and Zoho CRM to send data from booked appointments as leads/contacts to your CRM.
  • Meeting rooms overview update: Team admins are now able to see an overview of the current meeting rooms activity (every 5 min). Delete or copy the link of a meeting room on your meeting room overview page.
  • A new Team setting has been added so team admins can have different access rights than non-admin team members.

17 December 2021

  • Team Integrations: Integrations are now on the organization level, meaning that a team admin can set up an integration that will be active for the entire team. Find out more about team integrations in this help article.
  • Scheduling: Skip the first page of a booking page and immediately proceed to the date and time picker by adding the parameter ?skipSingleAppointmentType to the booking URL. Read more details in this guide.

29 November 2021

  • Social signup/login: You can now log in or sign up to Vectera with your Gmail or Outlook/Office 365 account. Read more about it in this help article.
  • Improved Presenter mode: Activate/deactivate presenter mode in the right top corner of the meeting room instead of going to Settings and know the current situation at all times.
  • Team members page update: The email addresses of the team members are now shown on the team members page. Find out more in this help article.
  • Meeting settings: The video/share screen quality settings have been improved. Choose between audio-only, Standard or high quality.
  • Scheduling: booking pages will load faster for users who have connected to an Outlook/Office 365 calendar.

27 October 2021

  • Customize the calendar invitation: You can now customize the text of the calendar invitation that a guest receives after booking an appointment, so they can add the appointment to their calendar. Unlike the other email templates, markdown is not supported for the calendar invitation.
  • Whiteboard: The color and the line thickness in whiteboards had a visual update and you can now select both at once to draw the object of your choice.
  • The connection indicator in meeting rooms has been upgraded. It now also keeps packet loss in mind when showing the connection strength.

13 October 2021

  • New onboarding flow: New users will go through a short onboarding flow so they set up their waiting room and meeting room links well from the start.
  • API update (1): Team admins can list meeting sessions by doing a GET request to /organizations/{id}/sessions and /users/{id}/sessions.
  • API update (2): Team admins can do a GET request to /organizations/{id}/meetings to list all the meeting rooms of the team and do a GET request to /organizations/{id}/appointments to list all the appointments of the team.

05 October 2021

We’re very pleased to announce some big updates regarding dashboard styling, scheduling and insight reports!

  • New dashboard styling: to align the Vectera dashboard with the general website, we’ve updated the styling of all the dashboard pages. We’ve also done some small styling updates in the meeting rooms and booking pages.
  • Cancel appointments: It’s now possible for a host to cancel an appointment from the Vectera dashboard. You will also see a new appointments page existing of all upcoming and past appointments. Find out more in this help article!
  • Customize email templates: You can now customize the layout and the text styling of the confirmation, the reminder and the cancellation emails.
  • Email translations: When a guest books a meeting with you, the appointment emails will now be translated into the language of the email template. Find out more in this help article!
  • Meeting and booking reports: Team admins will now see the Insights page in the dashboard. Book a meeting with the Vectera team to get reports about your team’s meetings, team members, …
  • The host login link on the greet screen of a meeting room is now optional for clients on the Business plan. You can change this setting in your team settings.

16 September 2021

  • Maximized whiteboards: Whiteboards will now use all the available space in the meeting room, depending on your screen size. Uploaded files will show in their original size, so you can zoom in on a specific part of the document.
  • Team settings: The ‘Reset to default’ buttons for Custom text strings and the legal text blocks are updated for mobile phones.

31 August 2021

  • Meeting room translations: The dev team has prepared everything so meeting rooms can be translated into multiple languages. We will update you soon on which languages will be added first.
  • Dutch meeting rooms: Vectera meeting rooms are now available in Dutch. This help article shows how to change the language of your meeting rooms to Dutch.
  • Custom feedback box: Vectera users on the Enterprise plan can now add custom text in the feedback box at the end of a meeting. Contact the Vectera team for more information.
  • New API endpoints: You can now do GET requests to list appointments, feedback and active intervals.
  1. Appointments: list a user his appointments via /users/{id}/appointments
  2. Feedback: list all feedback via /meetings/{id}/feedback ({id} = meeting room id) or list one specific feedback via /feedback/{id} ({id} = feedback id)
  3. Active intervals: list meeting start/end date information via /meetings/{id}/activeIntervals

17 August 2021

New pricing, bug fixes and many small improvements!

  • Pricing update: We have added the Business plan and removed the separate add-ons in the Vectera pricing. New clients will now be able to choose between the Pro plan (full access to meeting rooms), the Business plan (with scheduling and advanced branding options) or the customized Enterprise plan. For existing clients the changes won’t have an impact. More information on pricing in this help article!
  • API filtering & sorting: It’s now possible to filter and sort the results of a GET request with the API. This help article shows how you can do this. 
  • Improved video tiles: 
  1. Vectera will provide the best possible order if multiple cameras are active, even if it consists of different sizes. 
  2. The custom/Vectera logo in the background has been removed if video tiles are active and centered. 
  3. The video tile size (centered or minimized) will be remembered for the next meeting in the same browser.
  • Recordings update: When video tiles are pinned and a recording starts, the video tile will also be shown minimized at the right bottom of the meeting room. When the recording is finished and you haven’t uploaded the video in the cloud, you will receive a reminder to upload it, so you don't risk losing your recording.
  • Access level update: You can now update the access level in the Invite settings of the meeting room without having to reload the page. Changes will be handled immediately and are visible in the video tile of the guest.
  • Become a Vectera partner in the dashboard: Team admins can now very easily find the partner information by clicking on the link in the blue message in the dashboard.
  • Meeting room buttons: 
  1. Stop sharing your screen or cobrowsing by clicking on the same button as where you start it. It will now show Stop screensharing/cobrowsing.
  2. Hosts will leave the meeting room in style from now on. Hover over the button to see all the options or click on Leave to leave the meeting room.
  • Bug fixes:
  1. The outlook calendar integration is back. The integration was shortly gone due to changes in Outlook, but it now works better than ever!
  2. The availability of appointment types will show the correct first day of the week (Monday or Sunday) depending on your profile or browser language.
  3. When you fail to set up the custom domain, you will be notified with an error message at the top of the team settings page.

29 July 2021

We’re announcing a very big update in your Vectera dashboard today!

  • The waiting room feature: The dashboard has a new look thanks to the waiting room feature. The waiting rooms offer the opportunity to let guests knock on a personal or team waiting room and let you choose in which meeting room the meeting should happen. Read more about this feature in this help article!
  • Scheduling update: You’re now able to change the meeting room of a booked appointment. You can do this in the dashboard or on the meeting room welcome page when you’re logged in. If a client clicks on the appointment link in the confirmation mail or calendar event, (s)he will be forwarded to the meeting room of your choice.
  • Meeting rooms overview: The overview of your meeting rooms has moved from your dashboard to a separate meeting rooms page. you can find it in the menu on the left side or you can click on this link.
  • API endpoints update: Users that generate meeting rooms via the API can now list all the sessions of a meeting room by doing a GET request to /meetings/{id}/sessions. The list is sorted on the creation date. To find information on 1 specific session you can do a GET request to /sessions/{id}. Check out the list of endpoints on this reference page.

13 July 2021

  • Meeting Room customization improvements: It's now possible to customize specific elements (eg. the recordings button) in your meeting rooms. Hide certain buttons and give other buttons a color. Customize your rooms as you wish by adding custom HTML or linking to a CSS stylesheet in the team settings. More info in this help article!
  • We fixed a bug that was hiding the time of upcoming appointments in your dashboard.

05 July 2021

  • Meeting room links: All the meeting room links are updated from to . No worries! The link will still work for existing meeting rooms, as they get forwarded to the new /room/ URL. Users who have set up a custom domain will now also see /room/ added into their links. Eg. has now become  Existing meeting room links will similarly be forwarded to the new /room/ link. This update will make the waiting room feature possible, which is coming soon!
  • Booked appointments: When a client books an online meeting you both receive a confirmation mail and a calendar invitation. The link to the meeting room will now show a general URL, which will forward you and your client to the correct meeting room. Currently this has no impact except for the visual link in the e-mail. Once the waiting room feature is live, you will be able to change meeting rooms of booked appointments thanks to this update.
  • API endpoints: You can now create and edit the parameters “Key”, “teamAccessLevel” and "settings":{“forwardUrl”} by sending a POST request to vectera/com/api/v1/meeting or a PATCH request to vectera/com/api/v1/meeting/{id}/. Check out this help article for more details. GET /api/v1/users/me/meetings/ can now be used to list your own meeting rooms.
  • Confirmation mail layout: the text block of the confirmation mail is set wider which makes the mail easier to read.

14 June 2021

  • Room templates page: Profile pictures have been added to the Room templates page in the dashboard.
  • PTZ - camera improvements: The team has made some improvements to the usage of PTZ-cameras*. It's now easier to handle the pan, tilt, and zoom options with keyboard shortcuts. You can find the correct keyboard shortcuts in the overview (Cmd / Ctrl + L)*Note that this feature is not active in default meeting rooms and requires special access. Contact the Vectera team if you're interested to activate this!
  • A bug has been fixed that made shared screens blurry in a meeting with 2 windows devices.

08 June 2021

  • Bigger group meetings beta: The last improvements have been made in the beta version of group meetings up to 10 people. In the coming weeks, several clients who signed up as beta-tester will be selected to test the beta version of bigger group meetings.
  • Desktop notifications: If you allow Vectera notifications in your browser, you will now hear the pop sound and get a desktop notification when someone joins a meeting. The desktop notification will only show if you're looking at a different tab or program than the meeting room. This help article shows how to enable desktop notifications.

27 May 2021

  • Vectera Helper Extension: We've made it easier to find and install the Vectera Helper extension. If the extension isn't installed, a message will show in your dashboard when using Google Chrome, Edge, Opera or Brave. Curious about the added value of the extension? Read about the perks in this help article!
  • Meeting room redirects: You can now choose to redirect clients immediately or with a 3-second delay, to a specific page when the meeting ends. Go to your team settings to set up the redirect. This is particularly helpful to route meeting participants to next steps pages, questionnaires or explainer pages. 

17 May 2021

  • Improved video performance: A smart algorithm was implemented to choose the best available video encoding standard depending on the connected devices. Example: when two or more people on Android devices have a Vectera meeting, the devices will switch to a different codec that is more power-efficient. This will reduce CPU usage (and thus reduce heating of the device) and will improve the overall video performance.
  • Formula overview: We've created an overview of all the possible formulas and symbols that can be used in whiteboards. In this help article you can find out how to use formulas and where you can find the formula overview.
  • Various meeting room experience improvements

29 April 2021

Big news in today’s release notes!

  • Bigger group meetings (Beta): We’ve got a working, closed beta-version to support bigger group meetings up to 10 people with audio and video-enabled. If you’d like to test our beta version, don’t hesitate to reach out! Become a beta tester
  • Custom colors in meeting rooms and booking pages: You can now add custom CSS* to the ‘Custom HTML head block’ in your team settings. This means that you can customize the color scheme of your meeting rooms and booking pages. More info in this help article! *Be aware that using custom CSS and Javascript might cause inconsistencies for the end-user if not applied correctly.
  • A bug is fixed, that allows you to drag and drop images from Chrome tabs into your meeting room. Make sure that you’re dragging the image file and not a URL (eg. image from Google images).

12 April 2021

  • Extra keyboard shortcuts: New keyboard shortcuts to open the chat (CMD/CTRL + C) and to toggle picture-in-picture for other participants’ cameras (CMD/CTRL + X). You can check all the keyboard shortcuts in this help article or in the meeting room overview (CMD/CTRL + K).
  • Share screen/cobrowse improvement: Meeting room participants will now be able to only share or cobrowse 1 screen at a time. This reduces the number of streams and screen clutter which will improve the quality of the meeting.
  • The message ‘The host has ended the meeting.’ will now show on a guest’s screen when the host selects ‘End call for everyone’ or after resetting the meeting room.

30 March 2021

  • Offer your clients a discount with coupon codes: You can now offer coupon codes to your clients who want to book a meeting. Integrate with Stripe, create a coupon code and share the coupon codes with your clients. This help article guides you through these steps!
  • PTZ controls update: We've updated the PTZ controls in presenter mode. It's now impossible for guests to zoom in/out when presenter mode is activated.
  • Download logs on IOS devices: You can now take logs of the session on IOS devices by clicking 5 times on the header menu (= your profile image or initials).

23 March 2021

  • Camera dimension: The camera dimension has been changed to 16:9, meaning that cameras will show wider than before. When centralizing all cameras, including your own camera, the available space in the meeting rooms will be optimised.
  • Camera resolution upgrade: The resolution from camera's has been improved to support 720p cameras if supported. 

22 March 2021

  • PTZ-controls support: Pan-tilt-zoom cameras are now supported in Vectera. Note that this feature is not active by default yet. Contact the Vectera team if you're interested to activate this!
  • Hide logo on booking page: When your subscription has the whitelabel add-on you can hide the Vectera or custom logo by adding ?hideLogo to the URL of your booking page. You can find more info in this help article!
  • A spinner on booking pages: A spinner has been added when loading a booking page to improve the clarity of the booking pages.
  • Improved handling of a trashed meeting room when someone books a follow-up online meeting.

15 March 2021

Some meeting room and branding improvements, a big backend update, and some bug fixes:

  • Resend meeting room invites: The Vectera dev team added the possibility to resend meeting room invites with the same customized text as previously.
  • Show audio/ video settings during knocking: When a guest wants to join the meeting room by knocking, (s)he will now be able to change the audio/video settings during the knocking process.
  • Improved Vectera branding in meeting rooms: If a custom logo or background is active in your meeting rooms, you will now notice a small Vectera logo in the left bottom of your meeting rooms. If your subscription has Whitelabel, the Vectera branding is optional!
  • Booking URL only in lower case letters - part 2: Every existing booking link with capital letters will now forward to the same URL in lower case letters. Upper case letters are not possible in booking links anymore!
  • The Share button in meeting rooms is renamed Invite. This will prevent that guests click on the wrong button when trying to share their screen.
  • Raw HTML text is now disabled for chat messages.
  • The Vectera dev team fixed a bug where certain characters showed on the next page when downloading a whiteboard.

10 March 2021

  • New payment options: The Vectera dev team added extra payment options to booking pages. Connect your Vectera account to Stripe, activate relevant payment methods for your currency and share your booking page with clients. You can find an overview of the payment methods in this help article!
  • Backend update: A big backend update which makes the platform work even smoother and more secure. This should not be visible for users.
  • A bug was fixed which makes downloading a snapshot work fine again.

25 February 2021An update on booking pages, recordings and some bug fixes:

  • New scheduling languages: The Vectera team added 3 new languages to the booking pages. Your clients can now also choose Portuguese, Polish and Lithuanian while booking an appointment. Nuostabu!
  • ReCAPTCHA on booking pages: To prevent bots from booking all your available moments, the Vectera dev team added a reCAPTCHA confirmation box to the booking pages. ReCAPTCHA will only show if there is a suspicion that the visitor is a bot.
  • Recordings: After 2 hours the recording will be split and a new recording will start automatically. This will improve the upload and download speed.
  • Booking URL only in lower case letters: Capital letters are not possible in booking links anymore. If you type a capital letter in the scheduling configuration or appointment type setup, it will change into a lower case letter.
  • The Vectera dev team fixed a bug where parentheses disappeared from a formula on a whiteboard.

04 February 2021

  • Camera background image: It's now possible to upload an image in Vectera for the background of your camera. As this is a team setting you can upload one image for your entire team. This help article guides you on how to upload the image and activate it in your meeting room!
  • Blur background improvement: The Vectera dev team improved the blur background feature for a smoother experience.
  • Scheduling parameters: You can now add a start and end date to the parameters of your booking URL. This makes it possible to let a client book a meeting between very specific dates. Just add ?startDate=YYYY-MM-DD&endDate=YYYY-MM-DD to your booking URL.
  • Hide organization team members from public search: Vectera removed the option to search for Vectera users when sending a team- or meeting room invitation. Only team members will appear when you are inviting someone to your meeting room.
  • Meeting room position improvements: the chat and private notes will line out to the right to have a smaller impact on the centralized document, screen or cameras.
  • Bye-bye automated pictures: The automated pictures when activating your camera are deactivated. Vectera users can set up a profile picture in their profile. Guest users their initials will show in the chat.
  • Backend improvements: To counter recent 'slow loading' issues the Vectera dev team decided to make some improvements to reduce database loads.

25 January 2021

Some big announcements this week regarding recordings and subscriptions!

  • Recording overview: Ever wished to have an overview of your recordings in the dashboard? Well, just go to the recordings tab in the menu and have a look at your local and cloud recordings! Visit this help article for more information.
  • Team size and subscription page improvements: Adding new team members will go easier than ever. Just go to your team members page and invite new members, your subscription will automatically update and the next day you will receive an overview by mail!
  • Vectera Pro plan: An update in the subscription page makes it easier to switch from the Monthly Pro plan to the Yearly Pro plan. Ready to switch your subscription?
  • Pre-fill custom question parameters in your booking link by adding ?cq1=answer
  • Whiteboard bugfix: In some situations, only the first letter of a text box showed in a different color or size. The Vectera dev team made sure that the entire text will have your preferred color and size!

14 January 2021

We are very happy to announce the Google and Outlook/Office365 calendar integrations!

  • Integrate Vectera in Google/Outlook/Office365 calendar: It's now possible to create a meeting invitation from your Google, Outlook or Office365 calendar program in the browser, thanks to the Vectera extension. These help articles show how to set it up: Google or Outlook/Office365.
  • Upload a recording in incognito mode: The Vectera dev team made it possible to upload a recording to the cloud while you were hosting a meeting in incognito mode.

11 January 2021

To start the new year well, we're announcing a lot of new updates. Some new features, improvements and bug fixes:

  • IOS webview: On iPhone and iPad it's now possible to start a Vectera meeting in a non-native browser (eg. Google Chrome, Firefox, Messenger, ..). Ios 14.3 is required for this!
  • Opera browser: In Opera, you will now be able to use Share screen, Recordings, and Cobrowse! For recordings and Cobrowse, you will need to install the Vectera extension.
  • Italian booking pages: Booking pages are now available in Italian, Fantastico!
  • Custom HTML head block: In Team settings, you can now add custom HTML for the head block of your meeting and booking pages. This allows you to add a Google Analytics tracking code. This help article explains how to add the Google Analytics tracking code.
  • Profile picture in Team members: Profile pictures will now be visible on the Team members page.
  • Connection indicator improvement: As the connection indicator was very sensitive it often showed a bad connection while this was not the case. This behavior has been improved.
  • A new request for desktop notifications: If someone visits a Vectera meeting room for the first time a notification will ask if they allow desktop notifications.
  • Public link: We did some small improvements to make clear that the Public download link of a recording in the cloud can be watched outside the meeting room.
  • IOS safari: As Apple did some improvements on their last update, the Vectera team decided to remove the warning message from IOS devices on the waiting screen of meeting rooms!

07 December 2020

This week we're announcing a lot of small updates which improve the usability of Vectera:

  • Custom cookie policy for custom domains: It's now possible to set up a custom cookie policy for meeting rooms with a custom domain. You can do this in the 'Legal' part of the team settings. This help article guides you on how to add the custom cookie policy!
  • Create new meeting rooms: When you create a new meeting room in the dashboard, it's now possible to use a space or special character without getting an error message. Spaces will change into a hyphen and special characters (eg. &, §, ç, ...) will be removed. The option to (un)lock a meeting room is removed.
  • The chat and private notes are relocated to the right, to make it stand out more!
  • The pop sound is disabled when a guest (de)activates the camera or microphone. The pop sound will only play if a guest enters or leaves the room and if a chat message is sent.
  • Upcoming appointments will show until 15 minutes after the starting hour of the booked appointment.
  • The default thickness of the pencil, the marker pen and geometric shapes in whiteboards is changed to the middle option.

18 November 2020

The Vectera dev team focussed on the reliability of meetings and some back-end updates! But we have still some announcements to make:

  • Vectera team expansion: We welcome a new developer to the Vectera dev team! Welcome, Jeroen :)
  • Team Access level: In the team settings you can now make it impossible to override the team access level in a meeting room. If you set the team access level on 'Should Knock' and uncheck the box 'Allow overriding ...' you can even hide the 'Team meeting rooms' tab in the Dashboard! Read more about it in this help article.
  • In the reminder email for hosts, the following message was added 'Note that this email was generated when the appointment was booked. If in the meantime the appointment was rescheduled or canceled, you can safely ignore this email.' This message will not be shown in the reminder mail of your client/guest, if you edited the email reminder template.

05 November 2020

Creating new appointment types will go faster as ever and you can add terms and conditions for all your appointment types:

  • Duplicate appointment types: If you want to create a new appointment type based on an existing appointment type, you can now duplicate the original one and edit the necessary settings. This help article shows you how to duplicate your appointment types!
  • Add terms and conditions to your booking page: In Vectera booking pages, it will be required to add terms and conditions. Your clients and leads will need to agree to those, before booking an appointment. Team admins can add/change the terms and conditions in the Team settings, which means that it will be shown on every booking page of all the team members.
  • Selecting a different microphone and speaker in Google Chrome or Edge will now show a notification to avoid audio feedback.

22 October 2020

Next to some small bug fixes this week, we have a great announcement regarding booked appointments:

  • Email reminder for upcoming appointments: You can now set up email reminders for booked appointments. In that way, you and your guests will never forget an appointment. This help article shows how you can update your appointment types with email reminders!
  • Last month we already updated some icons in the meeting rooms, but now also the cobrowse-icon has got a new look!

12 October 2020

This week we have some great updates to announce. Our dev team has been working on improvements for meeting rooms, scheduling and white-label options.

  • End call for everyone: If you're having an online meeting with a guest, it might happen that a participant forgets to leave a session. In this case, it's very useful to end the call for all the participants. Click on Leave and select the best option. This help article explains all the options.
  • Forward URL when the meeting ends: When you end a meeting with a lead or client, it is a good idea to forward them to a specific thank you page on your website. Add the URL in the team settings to make this possible. White label add-on required!
  • Add parameters to reduce entering steps in the meeting room: For some guests, you want to reduce the number of steps to enter an online meeting room. That's why you can add information to the URL of the meeting room so your client doesn't need to fill in a name or select the audio/video option. This help article shows how to add this to your URL.
  • Recordings end when clicking on Leave.
  • Team appointment types are active by default.

05 October 2020

We're very excited to announce a big update today!

  • Meeting room templates: When you have a lot of online meetings, you often upload the same documents and have the same settings. Therefore, it's very useful to prepare a meeting room template that you can use for new meeting rooms. In this help article, you can read how to create a template and how to add it to new meeting rooms and appointment types.
  • Meeting room cards in the dashboard: The meeting room cards in the dashboard will now show if a meeting room is currently in use.

22 September 2020

Lately, we focussed on some bigger updates that are coming soon. Make sure to keep an eye on this page, in the coming weeks!Apart from some bug fixes we also updated 2 features this week:

  • Scheduling loading times: the scheduling feature got an upgrade in loading times. Especially for team appointments, you will notice faster loading times of the booking page.
  • Meeting room icons: we updated the icons in the meeting rooms, to give it a nicer look for a better meeting experience.

31 August 2020

We have great news regarding healthcare and integrations:

  • HIPAA compliancy: Vectera can now be used for telehealth where HIPAA compliancy is required. Specific configurations and a signed BAA are required for HIPAA compliancy. Visit this page and fill in the form to get in touch with us for a signed BAA and more information on our healthcare plan.
  • Manage and authenticate users with the API: We've added the possibility to create, manage and authenticate users with the API integration. This help article guides you in doing this.

24 August 2020

Last week we have been working on a few small updates which will make your experience nicer:

  • Share recordings with a link: It's now possible to share cloud recordings outside the meeting room. Generate a link and send it to your guest, it's as simple as that. This help article shows all the options to share recordings with guests.
  • Next appointment on waiting screen: As a meeting room owner you will now see the next upcoming appointment on the waiting screen of the meeting room.
  • Whiteboard remains in the list and is highlighted: The activated whiteboard will now remain in the list of minimized whiteboards and files. This whiteboard will be highlighted
  • Only Vectera links will show in booked appointments: Google Hangouts/meet won't show anymore when someone books an appointment with you. This Google setting can be manually deactivated but now we blocked that by default.
  • Improved troubleshooting for booking pages: If one of your appointment types is not showing, it will be easier for the Vectera team to find out the cause and help you activate it again.

13 August 2020

Some small updates this week regarding meeting rooms, whiteboards, recordings and appointment types:

  • Logo in the top left corner of whiteboards: You can now add your own logo automatically in the top left corner of new whiteboards for improved branding of the meeting rooms. Read this help article to find out how to add the logo in your whiteboards.
  • Personal appointment type of team admin: We made it easier for team admins to create a personal appointment type in scheduling. Instead of creating a team appointment where you select only yourself, you will be able to create a personal appointment type from the beginning. This help article explains how to create one as an admin of a team.
  • Limit on the number of simultaneous meetings: It's now possible to open multiple meeting rooms at the same time. In 2 meeting rooms, you will be able to activate audio and video, but in a third meeting room, you will get a limitation message.
  • Download recordings during the session: When you download a recording while still being in an active meeting, you will see a message which recommends downloading the recording at the end of your session to keep the connection stable.
  • Locally saved recordings: when you stop recording a session it will automatically show as a locally saved recording. We added a message that your browser might delete the recording so that we recommend to upload it in the cloud or download it on your local device.

30 July 2020

If you were looking for new ways to reset a room, you will like the updates of this week:

  • More options to reset a meeting room: We've updated the reset options of a meeting room. You can choose to reset the entire room or certain parts of the meeting room. You can read all about it in this help article!
  • Security message in the invite template: When you invite someone by mail to have all-time access, a security message will show at the bottom of the mail. The message will advise to keep the special acces key save and private.
  • Limited download options: There will be no dropdown list if there's only one download option.

17 July 2020

We've made some changes in how to invite guests and team members to meeting rooms:

  • New sharing modal: It's now possible to specify the sharing options for a meeting room. You can create a public link, private link and invite specific guests. For each option, you can select the rights. This help article will guide you!
  • Share meeting rooms with team members by default: Meeting rooms will now be shared with team members by default. In the dashboard above your meeting room cards, you will see a new tab 'Team meeting rooms'. In the sharing settings of a meeting room, you can change the entering rights for team members.
  • Change text waiting screen: You can now change the text on the waiting screen to a more personal message. You can change this in your Team settings.
  • Feedback pop-up: We've changed the text in the feedback pop-up to make white-label even stronger. The feedback pop-up now shows "How would you rate your meeting experience?"

09 July 2020

We've added a lot of new small features this week:

  • Add a profile image: You can add a profile image that will show in several places. Go to, click on upload image and hit save. Check out this help article to see where the profile image will show!
  • Custom background in meeting rooms: In you can now upload a background image for your meeting rooms. This background will show in all the meeting rooms of your team.
  • Scheduling: Extra event statuses have been added to be seen as 'Busy'. Outlook: Events with the status Tentative, Busy or Away will not be bookable. Google: Out of office will be seen as busy.
  • Whiteboard update: the menu is now split into several buttons instead of a list. If you want to download or delete a whiteboard, you don't have to click the menu icon but you can select the download or bin icon.
  • Picture-in-picture: The pin icon will show permanently on minimized streams.
  • Small revamp of the profile page: You can add a profile image and the layout of checkboxes has changed.
  • Private notes will be active by default.
  • Update in the way the cookies consent is shown.

24 June 2020

This week we introduced some updates related to meeting rooms, booking pages and a new integration:

  • Full-screen mode: You can now activate full-screen mode in your meeting rooms. In the right top of the meeting room, you will see an expand button. If you click on it the meeting room will show in full-screen mode. This help article shows how to activate it and how it can be used.
  • New integration: ActiveCampaign. You can now integrate Vectera with ActiveCampaign for a smooth crm flow. When a client books a meeting through your booking page, you have to possibility to automatically add a contact and account, add the contact to an existing list and create or update a deal. To use the integration you will need the scheduling add-on. This help article shows how to make the integration.
  • Improved share screen snapshots: If you take a snapshot of the shared screen, it will now show minimized to keep your shared screen active in the center of the room. All snapshots will now show in the same whiteboard instead of different whiteboards.
  • A better way to embed the booking page on your own website: you can now copy an embeddable link from your scheduling page to show the booking page well in every browser. Adding a custom domain link could give some issues in Safari, the embeddable link solves this problem. This help article shows how to add the embeddable link into your own website.
  • Clients in the trial can extend the trial by adding team members to their team. Every new member will extend the trial period with 2 weeks up to a max of 10 weeks.
  • Limit session durations to 12 hours: If a meeting room is open for 12 hours you will be asked to refresh the page.

05 June 2020

After the big freemium/pro versions launch we did some smaller updates concerning the waiting screen of meeting rooms:

  • Test devices automatically before joining the meeting room: When selecting Audio+video or Audio only the main devices will be checked automatically. The camera will be activated, the microphone will show in bars and the speaker can be tested. You will still have the possibility to change devices if necessary.
  • Snooze people in waiting screen on mobile: As a meeting room owner on mobile it can be disturbing when another person is knocking to enter the room. Now you can snooze the person by clicking on the X and you will see on the left top side of the room who's waiting to enter.
  • Disable login on the waiting screen for users with white label: If white label is active in your subscription your guests won't be seeing 'Already have an account? login here' anymore.
  • Bug fix: The custom background image on the waiting screen of meeting rooms didn't show anymore for subscriptions without the white label add-on. This is fixed!

02 June 2020

We offered Vectera for free to help people out during the covid-19 period. As June started, the free period is over and we introduced Vectera Pro and a freemium Version. All information about Vectera Pro and the freemium can be found on

25 May 2020

A few very nice updates this week that have been asked by many users:

  • A list of upcoming appointments is shown in the dashboard: In the dashboard you can now see the first 5 upcoming appointments. You will be able to see which appointment type it is, the date of the meeting, the type of meeting and with whom.
  • Blur the background: In Google Chrome and the new Edge version you can blur the background of your camera. Only you will be visible while the background will be blurred so details are not visible. In this help article you can find out how to activate it.
  • Show multiple camera's in PictureInPicture mode: It's now possible to pin multiple camera's, just click on the pin icon (right top corner) when you hover over another participant's camera.
  • Powered by Vectera is clickable: When somebody clicks on 'powered by Vectera' on a booking page or the waiting screen of a meeting room, they will be forwarded to in a new window. If you're logged in you will be forwarded to your dashboard in a new window.
  • Non-admins of a team can't delete their account anymore, they will first need to leave the team before they can delete the account.
  • Cursors of other participants are now also visible in presenter mode.
  • Resetting a meeting room works smoother.

15 May 2020

After the big updates in the beginning of May, we have added some smaller ones last week:

  • Rejoin a meeting: If a guest leaves a locked meeting room actively, they will have to knock to rejoin the meeting. Rejoining within 2 minutes after a disconnection will not require to knock again.
  • Detect first day of the week: Based on your browser language we will show the correct first day of the week eg. EN - US will show Sunday as first day.
  • Update in Teamleader/Salesflare integration: An update in the connection between Vectera and the Teamleader/Salesflare integration.
  • Auto-reset option for meeting rooms: We've added the option to auto-reset meeting rooms 2 minutes after the meeting room owner left the room. Contact to see if your subscription is eligible for this feature.
  • Team management: Non-admins can't delete their account anymore.
  • Content: We've created a video to explain the Team scheduling feature for team admins and uploaded new video testimonials from our clients on our Youtube channel.

3 May 2020

We've got some big updates to announce this week!

  • Team scheduling: A big update in our scheduling feature! It's now possible to add multiple team members to a team booking page and let clients select a team member to book a meeting with. Only team admins can make changes to the team booking page, read more about it in our help centre!
  • Improved recordings: The recording feature has been improved to make it better and more reliable. You will notice that the way to start recordings has been changed. This help article shows how to start a recording!
  • Edge support: Since Microsoft has released a new Edge version based on Chromium, Edge is now also supported for Vectera. It works exactly the same as Chrome, so it's a fully featured: recordings, share screen, co-browse, ...The old Edge version is not supported, make sure you open the correct browser!
  • Screenshare in Safari: Safari has made it possible to share screens, so we immediately updated this into Vectera. Unfortunately it's only possible to share a full screen in Safari, but it's a start!
  • Updates in the help centre: We've updated the scheduling part in our help centre and updated/added help articles regarding the updated/new features.
  • Video testimonial: We've uploaded our first video testimonials from our clients on YouTube. Interested to create a testimonial yourself? Contact us at!
  • Media: Vectera was published in an article of the biggest financial newspaper of Belgium, De Tijd and was included in a top 20 report of best meeting software on Capterra.

17 April 2020

This week we're only announcing some content releases as the dev team is working on some big features.

  • Security in Zoom versus Vectera: As many video conferencing tools are having security issues we wanted to compare Zoom with Vectera on the security part. Read the security comparison Zoom versus Vectera at this link.
  • Help section: We restructured the help section in several categories for all languages to make it more clear.
  • API & integrations: Next to restructuring the help section we created a categorie for API & integrations. These help articles guide you on how to set up an API to integrate Vectera with your website/platform.

10 April 2020

A few new features in the meeting room and some content releases last week:

  • Copy, cut and paste text in the whiteboard: It's now possible to copy, cut and paste text into a new text box by performing a right click in the whiteboard. Select text in the whiteboard and right click to copy or cut the text, then you can right click on another place/page to paste the text in a new text box.
  • Upload files from Onedrive: Previously it was possible to upload files from your computer, Google drive and Dropbox. Now we've added a fourth option: upload files from your Microsoft Onedrive account into the meeting room. Just click on Upload file from and select Onedrive. Then login into your microsoft account, select the file and upload the document.
  • Vectera tutorial: We uploaded the ultimate Vectera tutorial on our youtube channel. The tutorial focusses on how to use the meeting rooms!
  • New blog articles: the April update was uploaded on the blog and sent through mail to all users. We also released a blog article on why people in healthcare should use Vectera .

27 March 2020

We've added some extra options to everyone's account to counter the Covid-19 virus, updated the help center and made some small improvements:

  • 100 members per team: Until June 1st, every team can add up to 100 team members to their team. All new team members can create their own meeting rooms and make an own booking page. The cloud storage per team is now 200GB. If you have any questions about this, contact us on the chat or at
  • Hide team members for non-admin users: It's possible to hide other team members for non-admin users in your team settings.
  • New help center structure: All languages are now shown on different pages, meaning that we had to change the Dutch articles to a different page (you can find them at this page). At the right top of every page you can change the language of the help environment or the article.
  • Spanish articles in the help center: you can find the Spanish articles at

16 March 2020

The Corona virus affects all of us. To help you stay connected with your clients, colleagues, family or friends the Vectera team has decided to make our software free and public to everyone until 1st June 2020. Read more about it in this blogpost!

09 March 2020

A few extra updates following the big update from last week.

  • Team and account settings in subpages: As some people had trouble finding the team settings, we decided to reorganize the menu in the dashboard. Team settings, Team members and subscription can be found below settings in subpages on team level. Integrations and profile settings can be found below settings on account level.
  • Optional to toggle on/off database search in invitations: In Team settings, you can toggle on/off the option to search members of the entire database or team members only. This will influence what you see when inviting team members and when you invite guests to have all-time access in a meeting room.
  • Immediate redirect after booking a meeting: Per appointment type, you can decide whether the Vectera confirmation should show before the redirect or the redirect should happen immediately.

03 March 2020

We did a revamp of the dashboard to make it look fresh and even more accessible. Along with the revamp we made some small improvements in the dashboard and meeting rooms on mobile!

  • Dashboard revamp: The layout of the dashboard received an update! What do you think? To edit your profile and/or log out of your account (no reason to really), you can navigate to the bottom left corner of your dashboard.
  • Invite team members with one link: You can invite new team members by creating one link which will give them the possibility to join your team.
  • Add Powered by Vectera to meeting rooms and booking pages: If you have a custom logo it's possible to add 'Powered by Vectera' to your meeting rooms and booking pages. It will show on the bottom left of your welcome screen and below the appointment types on your bookings pages. Activate this in your Team management settings.
  • Custom cname redirect: Redirect your to any page you want. Activate this in your Team management settings by filling in the redirect box below your custom domain.
  • Copy booking page links easily: On your scheduling page in your profile, you can now copy the link of the booking page of one appointment by clicking the 'Copy link' box. No need to go the appointment type anymore.
  • Allow clients to enter the meeting room when you're hosting the meeting room on your smartphone: As a host of the meeting room, it's now possible to let guests enter while being on mobile. There's no need for a desktop or tablet device to accept your guests in the meeting room.
  • Invite improvement: We made it easier to invite guests to have all-time access. Just type the email address and click the invite button.
  • Custom logo and welcome screen settings have been moved to Team management. These apply to all members in your team, so you only need to configure it once!
  • Camera and microphone options will only show once in the meeting room settings. It used to happen that the same camera or microphone showed multiple times in the list of available cameras and microphones. It will only show once from now on.

21 February 2020

  • Payment integration: You can integrate your Stripe account in Vectera to make appointment types required for payment. In this help article you can read how to integrate Stripe in Vectera.
  • New message in Safari: A message has been added to the welcoming screen of meeting rooms in Safari, that share screen is not possible while using Safari as browser. We recommend you to use Chrome or Firefox.

10 February 2020

Start sharing the Vectera vibes with our referral program!

  • The referral program is active: sign up at to join the program! Soon it will be added into the Vectera dashboard.
  • Invite team members in trial: You can invite up to 10 team members while being in a trial period.

20 January 2020

  • German on booking pages: your clients can now select German as their language when booking an appointment with you. The language is automatically selected by your browser's language, but can be adjusted.

14 January 2020

2 Updates regarding customization:

  • Editable email templates: You can edit the email templates with text to make the confirmation mails more customized. Read all about it in this help article.
  • The location to change the Logo and Greet image has changed from 'Edit profile' to 'Team management'.

9 January 2020

The first updates of 2020 are live! 2 Big scheduling updates and a few smaller updates to improve the meeting rooms:

  • Minimum buffer before booking: It's possible to have same day bookings now. In your appointment types you can set a custom minimum buffer before booking, which means that clients can book a meeting X-hours from now. The default setting 'next working day' is also still possible.
  • Allow bookings up to x-days in the future: You can define a range for booking an appointment of a specific type between now and 90 days.
  • Booking start- and end date: If you want an Appointment type only to be bookable in a specific period, then you can choose a start and end date where clients can book a meeting. In this help article you can find more information on the scheduling updates!
  • Private notes are hidden in a recording: If you have activated private notes and start a recording, the notes will be hidden. You can make it visible again but then it will also show in the recording.
  • A microphone icon shows green when the guests' microphone is active or red if inactive.

24 December 2019

Last product update of 2019! And we have some exciting new updates and features to share:

  • Rework of our scheduling engine to allow team scheduling (coming up early 2020!) and more exciting scheduling features. All Google, Outlook and Office 365 users will be required to reconnect their calendar to Vectera by the end of January.
  • French on booking pages: your clients can now select French as their language when booking an appointment with you. The language is automatically selected by your browser's language, but can be adjusted.
  • Additional storage is available! Head over to if you're in need of additional storage to upload files or recordings in your meetings rooms.
  • Pricing update: we've put a lot of thought into simplifying our pricing structure. Integrations, recordings and presenter mode are now included into your subscription by default without additional fees. This will be adjusted automatically in your next billing cycle.

10 December 2019

As widely requested we are looking into improvements for the scheduler. The first part of those improvements are ready and active. More updates on the scheduler will come soon!

  • Cname scheduling: The link to your booking page is now automatically customized like your custom domain. Instead of it will show as
  • Meetings on location: When a client visits your booking page, the location of your offline meetings will be visible on the scheduling interface.
  • Client email customization: When a client books a meeting (s)he will receive the confirmation mail from 'your name' with the email address The subject doesn't show Vectera anymore and a reply will be sent to your email address instead of Vectera.
  • Upload big files: It's now possible to upload files that are bigger than 20MB! When you upload a big file in the meeting room and minimize it, new guests will not see the preview of the whiteboard and will have to click on the whiteboard to download its content.
  • Text on buttons are now lowercase and have a medium weight.

29 November 2019

A few great improvements including the much requested split screen video have been released. The team has been working a lot on some big features in parallel, big update coming up mid December!

  • Split screen video: Click on your video tile to have a "splitscreen" mode: you'll be able to view yourself AND the other participant of choice in equal size, perfect for eg recorded interviews.
  • Better appointment titles: [online], [offline], [phone] was added before the appointment title so you'll see at a glance whether you should clean a mug for your visitor or activate your webcam.
  • Whiteboards are now default in landscape, which makes the drawing surface a lot larger for regular widescreen displays.
  • Intelligent suggestions for fixing Camera issues: Having troubles to activate the camera? There could be all sorts of issues: used by another application, not activated, not permitted or even taped off...Vectera shows better suggestions when things don't work as planned.


  • Major mobile update: All shared content (whiteboards, screensharing, cobrowsing) is now visible on mobile devices. Same one-link click action to join meeting rooms. What's more: Buttons disappear automatically after inactivity for optimal use of every pixel on your mobile device. The video tile can be dragged around when content is shown to make sure it's not hovering over your most crucial numbers on your content.


  • Setting your availability on mobile just got easier! You can now set your availability for multiple timeslots with a simple touch


  • Scheduling: phone call option: Allow clients to book a simple phone call with you. You might give clients the opportunity to do a quick phonecall with you instead of a full videocall. Enable this phonecall option from the 'appointment type' settings.


  • Scheduling: Book a meeting with yourself at any moment: as an admin, you can overrule the available timeslots and book a meeting at any time to be able to generate a meeting room.
  • Scheduling: Timeslots can now start every 10/15/20/30/45/60 minutes depending on your preference. Eg if you have a meeting duration of 15 minutes - you can allow the meeting to start every 15 minutes instead of the default of 30 minutes.
  • Meeting name "book" has been disabled as a first step for having booking links on the custom domain.


  • Recording file length increased to 2 hours instead of 1 hour to cope with longer meetings. If meetings take longer than 2 hours, a separate file will be created.


  • Release of CNAME custom domain in beta. The custom domain allows you have eg: All other references to Vectera (logo, name, links) have been removed or altered. The current setup works but requires some technical knowledge in generating an SSL certificate. The next iteration will have automatic SSL generation.
  • AM/PM versus 24h time notation: Automatic switching between 12 hour and 24 hour format based on the browser location and time preferences.
  • Custom redirect after booking: Set up a custom redirect url to automatically redirect after booking. The redirect will happen automatically.
  • Private notes are disabled during recordings: To make sure you don't see things you would not want to share on your recordings, private notes are disabled when recordings are running.


  • The greeting screen was updated to become more in line with the main stylesheet. A new greeting image was added to make the greeting screen more professional looking while still creative and appealing.


  • Logo surface improvements: The logo on the top left corner on the booking pages is bigger -> more focus on your brand!
  • Recording improvement: auto download to "downloads" folder after you stop the recording or leave the meeting room (when you're the host)
  • Better long distance connections: By reducing the queue of websocket messages, connections start faster and the "connecting" spinner is shown less frequently.


  • Be able to remove appointment types
  • Be able to fully remove meeting rooms. Meeting rooms that were used for appointments will not be accessible again.


While working on CNAME custom domain and custom emails, some smaller urgent fixes

  • Don't send signup invitation after you invite someone from the meeting room.
  • Don't show infinite overlay while recording for better recording results.
  • Change text "video meeting" to "online meeting" to prevent confusion for participants that join with audio-only
  • Sort appointment types alphabetically on the booking page


  • SalesFlare integration is here!
  • Pooled storage: All meeting storage is pooled for the entire organisation.
  • More colors for the whiteboards
  • Notification if someone changes the video to audio only (so you won't be surprised that video is disabled)
  • Better handling of failing microphones
  • Improved knock screen with login link


  • Update TURN server infrastructure for better global connections with restrictive firewalls.


  • Allow booking page parameters: will fill in the details for the appointment automatically.
  • Improved tooltips (from
  • Fix dashboard menu not visible on mobile
  • Improve labels for joining meeting room
  • Improve text for pricing


  • [Major update] Team management: Growing team and need more licences? We got you covered: you can now easily invite new team members to your Organization. Check out to learn more. This update is the foundation of many more exciting new features that will ease the life of managing a team (such as consistent brand appearance, appointment types, group scheduling etc)


  • Spanish translations: Connect with your clients in Spanish. Bookings + meetings now support Spanish!


  • Vectera on mobile devices, now better than ever: Vectera is now mobile ready (again), so don't hesitate to join a meeting with your smartphone! We'll add more improvements for mobile experiences in the near future.
  • More stable connection quality indicator: The network quality detection algorithm has been fine tuned to give more accurate results. Don't shoot the messenger!
  • Infinity mirror tweaks: Sharing your own screen gives the inevitable "infinity mirror effect": you see your own screen shared which is in turn shared etc. We improved the overlay to make sure you can still see what is being shared without the fuzzy look.
  • Improved joining process text: Join without sharing => Join without sharing audio / video is more clear.


  • Custom invite message: When you invite someone to a meeting room, you can now customise the message you send along with the meeting room URL. Give it a try by clicking the Invite button in a meeting room!
  • Translations have landed! All public scheduling pages are now available in two languages: English and Dutch. More languages coming soon.
  • Need help or got questions? Visit for practical how-to's and best practices of Vectera.
  • Upgrade for testing devices: a better progress bar when you test your speaker (available in Google Chrome)
  • Custom background in the waiting screen: you can customise the background of the waiting screen. Visit your profile to upload a nice, capturing image! Available in the White Label add-on or during a free trial.


  • Improved pricing page & signup flow: The signup flow and pricing page is more intuitive and allows you to set up Vectera according to your (organisation) needs.
  • Updated whiteboard limit: Add as much whiteboards and files as your system (and the other participant's system) can handle. The hard limit on the number of files was removed and only warning will be shown when uploading more files/whiteboards.


  • Improved whiteboard tools: The whiteboard tools menu is improved: Thanks to client feedback, we discovered that the tool option menu was hard to find. The tool menu is now included on the tool itself, similar to the experience you might expect from other graphical software. Next, there is better color indication so you know which color is used when you start drawing.
  • Remember audio/video preferences: When multiple audio/video sources are connected, the most (recently) used source will be shown.
  • Scheduling-reminders: Your meeting invitee get a reminder for an upcoming appointment in order to decrease the level of no-shows. You can set up the number of minutes before the reminder must be shown.
  • Scheduling-location: Add your adress info and this will automatically be added to the "location" info in meeting invites.
  • Better view on used storage on the dashboard
  • Scheduling-logo clickable: The top left logo is now clickable
  • Various landing page improvements


  • Plan new meetings from the dashboard: Click on "plan new meeting" if you would like to plan a new meeting in the name of a client.
  • Various landing page improvements


  • Scheduling - custom questions: Ever wanted to ask the number of employees, the type of accounting software they use? You can add custom questions now for the meeting scheduling.
  • Improved audio handling for participants who join meeting rooms.


  • Picture - in - picture: When you are sharing your screen, the video will pop out of the Vectera screen. The video windows can be moved around your window for your convenience and will stay on top of all windows to make sure you see the person who you are talking to.
  • Meeting room onboarding: The very first time you open a meeting room after signing up, a new "onboarding tutorial" is shown to get you started with the interface faster.
  • Test Audio/Video integrated in the meeting interface: Very, very practical for immediat e troubleshooting: You can now test your audio/video within the meeting room itself. Less fuss, better meetings!
  • Improved Teamleader sync: special characters are handled and phone number validation is taken care of before sending the phone number to Teamleader
  • Login page design is aligned with signup page
  • Better monitoring for websockets


  • Screenshare infinite mirror effect overlay: When you return to Vectera while sharing a full screen, the screen of Vectera is shared again and creates an infinite loop of 'mirror windows'. This effect is compensated with an overlay.
  • Desktop notifications: When someone wants to join your meeting room and you are not actively looking at the browser tab where the meeting room is open, a desktop notification will be shown.


  • Scheduling - confirmation mail whitelabeling: Emails to clients with confirmed events are now whitelabeled - if you have the whitelabel option.


  • Better browser detection before joining the conversation: When joining a conversation from the waiting screen, the browser is detected. If a non-supported browser is detected, a suggestion for another browser will be shown.


  • Recording: Cloud space usage is shown in the interface
  • Microphone and speaker: When a new microphone/speaker is connected, a notification appears with the question to switch to the newly connected device
  • Blog: What is new page is updated
  • Chat: Notification in the chat if you are the only person in the meeting


  • Light interface is here! A complete make over of the entire meeting experience. Read more on the blog about the big update :
  • Teamleader integration: A new contact and/or deal is automagically created when a new appointment is planned. More information + setup in this blogpost
  • When someone joins your meeting room, a sound will play and you'll be asked whether to accept or to decline the person.