Let clients book meetings into your calendar

No more back-and-forth emailing to set appointments.

Set up in minutes

Connect calendar

Connect your calendar with 1 click.

Add appointments

Add different types of appointments.


Share the link.

Let clients book meetings

Your clients can choose the appointment type and timeslot they prefer and book it directly into your agenda.
Integrates with:

Automate your workflow

Smart room management

A dedicated meeting room is created for new customers. If a recurring customer is recognised, an existing meeting room will be shared.

Automatic emails

Confirmation email, calendar invite and reminders are sent automatically. Customize the appearance and use dynamic fields to generate the emails.

Optimise team availability

Pool your team members' availability. If a team member is available, the corresponding time slot will be shown.

Receive payments

Let clients pay for an appointment with you.
All major payment methods and international currencies are supported.

Level up your client meetings

Highly rated for user friendliness, value and innovation.