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The timing is perfect for ambitious individuals to join the journey of a scaling organization. Vectera is a fast-growing software company with a global footprint, ran by a dedicated team that values personal time and development. And we're paying above average for above average people.
Vectera is connecting people in 100+ countries daily
Close to 5000 organizations are using Vectera for their meetings
No. 1
We're ranked as 2021 leading meeting solution by Getapp
You'll work on a product people love. Check G2 and Capterra
Why Vectera?

Three reasons why you should consider joining Vectera.

Apart from the epic counter-strike evenings or the daily kicker battles.

Personal career path

Are you a developer? Or a marketeer? Or rather a combination of both? We enable you to grow both vertically and horizontally in your career. 

Great environment

The office is located in the heart of Ghent, in a renovated 18th century building. It's a great place to be if you are not working from home.

Above average salary

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. We're offering a competitive salary package to attract above average people. 

Current Openings

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“OMG best job ever!”

Andreas Verschueren,
Business Development Rep
Subtle management pressure was applied to get this quote