Coaching & training

Level up your coaching & training sessions

Make your sessions memorable with a frictionless start and advanced customization options. Collect payments and reduce administration with integrated scheduling.

Bookings on autopilot. For you and your team.

  • Let clients book a moment to meet that is convenient for both.
  • Payment integration for immediate payment on booking.
  • Integrates with Google calendar, O365 and iCloud.
  • Easy to embed on your landing pages.
  • Powerful team scheduling features with round robin assignment.

Create persistent meeting rooms (with templates)

  • Create a meeting room for each client. Clients will be directed automatically to the right meeting room after booking.
  • Dedicated meeting rooms are true collaboration spaces where you can continue the conversation where you left previously. 
  • Reduce preparation time for new clients by using meeting room templates. Preparation is the key to success.
Xerius uses Vectera to streamline client intake processes

Unparalleled meeting and collaboration experience

  • True 1-click join experience, no downloads, no accounts. Works browser-based on any mobile device.
  • Create a meeting room for each client and keep communication in dedicated meeting rooms. No need to scroll through old emails and documents during the conversation. 
  • Switch from presentation mode to collaboration to mode to make coaching sessions interactive and engaging. 
Get paid

Integrated payments with local payment providers

Deliver a consistent experience

Deep customization

Customize the virtual appearance of your coaching team to match your branding with advanced styling options. Use a custom domain without code.

Team management

Pre-fill meeting rooms with content, checklists and speaker notes. Make sure each question is asked and improve data quality. 

Be there for the client

Team scheduling with round robin streamlines appointment booking and reduces appointment booking overhead with 4 hours per team member per week on average.

Level up your coaching meetings