Vectera affiliate terms & conditions

Get rewarded when you refer new clients to sign up for a paying subscription with Vectera!

Your rewards will be deposited in your PayPal account.

How it works

1. Visit
2. Sign up for an account
3. Enter the affiliate dashboard where you’ll find your affiliate link and an overview of your stats:
     3.1. how many people clicked your link
     3.2. how many signups
     3.3. and - most importantly - your rewards!
4. Enter your payout method (PayPal or Direct Debit in SEPA countries)
5. Copy your affiliate link and start sharing within your network!

Important to know:

  • A referred user has to sign up through your referral link. If not, the affiliate user will not be tracked and won’t be eligible for a reward.
  • Collected rewards will be paid out every next month on the 20th straight into your PayPal account or bank account
  • Your reward is calculated as 30% of the affiliate user’s subscription fee excluding VAT. This is a lifetime reward.

Terms and conditions of the affiliate program

  • All affiliate payments are made in USD or EUR
  • You can not sign up your own account at Vectera as an affiliate
  • A PayPal account or IBAN (for SEPA countries) is required to participate in the affiliate program
  • You agree that Vectera will self-invoice your affiliate payouts
  • Your are responsible to comply with all applying legislation when using your affiliate link (eg. complying with GDPR rulings)
  • Do not misrepresent yourself as an employee or otherwise affiliate with or endorsed by Vectera
  • Be honest about your use of Vectera. Don’t sell what isn’t there :-)
  • Don’t sell and talk about Vectera in a way that Vectera doesn’t sell or talk about itself
  • Don’t mention or talk about competitors in your Vectera affiliate messaging
  • Don’t share your affiliate link or Vectera materials on sites or locations with illegal or objectionable content